Welcome to the Field of Dreams Designs New Web Site Home!

We continue to work tirelessly to create an online environment that we hope will be a complete resource for our clients.  We are excited to think that with the significant changes we are making in the ecommerce and project management areas of our site, we are creating a much more convenient shopping and project scheduling experience for our customers.

As we enter our 10th year in business, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients and friends for your part in helping us to reach our goals and continue finding better ways to serve you.  What started with an idea between friends and coaches in a garage in a small California coastal community has grown into an organization dedicated to serving clients across our Nation.     

We also want to thank you in advance for the patience as we continue transferring information from our old site to our new site.  We considered keeping the site "down" until completely finished but since input from our loyal clients is what prompted these changes, we chose to invite you to join us as we move through the process.  Please keep the ideas coming!

Wishing you and your family a happy and successful year!


Neil MacLaren - Owner