Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a physical storefront? No.  We currently staff two production facilities in the Monterey, California area to effectively meet the needs of our clients. Although we do not meet our clients at these locations, we make ourselves available to connect when and where it is conveneint for our customers.  After staffing storefront locations for 9+ year we found that walk-in traffic, although welcomed,  was often a distraction from our production schedule.  With a focus on production we have been able to significantly reduce project production times.   

What are the key factors that help you to continuing producing high quality products at a competitive price? Our staff is amazing! We make it a point of hiring the best people in the industry to serve our clients needs.  Our printers, embroiders, artists and support staff not only have a clear sense of the organizational goals of our organization but also feel the sense of family that has been ever present since we opened our doors in 2004.  We also make it a priority to maintain the newest equipment and technology.  Our goal is to replace or update our equipment and software every five years or less.

What makes you different from other screen printing and embroidery companies? We are hardworking yet humble individuals that are most comfortable answering this question with our actions rather than words. We will say that we pride ourselves in the level of customer service that we offer our clients.  We not only make ourselves available to our clients while we are working on their project but also well after the launch of their design project to assist with additional quantity, updates and reorder needs.  Again, we are very proud of our Staff and the work they do to set us apart from the rest.

What are your shipping policies? What about returns and refunds?  We do our best to assist our client's after the sale.  Please read our Returns and shipping policy here.

What is the best way to contact Field of Dreams Designs? You can contact us anytime by email.  We make an effort to answer all emails within 24 hours.  We can also be reached by telephone Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM.