Our Story


Field of Dreams Designs Answers the Call..
It was very clear that there was a need in our Community for an Organization offering a high quality design product at an affordable price - and with unparalleled service. To meet this need Field of Dreams Designs was born.

Now just a few short years later, as a result of our Web presence and reputation, our community has grown Nationally. Today our Staff continues to work tirelessly to assist organizations in finding the most effective way to represent themselves through unique design solutions. What an honor it is for us to see our designs proudly displayed by Athletic Teams, Fire Departments, Hospitals and hardworking Entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Field of dreams Designs strives to continually and consistently raise the bar and set new standards for design by operating with honesty and integrity, while offering the customer service our Clients have come to expect from us. 


Our Staff consists of an amazing group of talented and professional local people.  Each member of the Field of Dreams Designs family brings their own unique skill set creating an environment where we celebrate each other's individuality while working toward a common goal.    


Our Staff is committed to our Client's vision. From concept to completion and beyond, we are with our Client every step of the way. 


Our promise to our client is simple. We deliver their project on time and as agreed. We also promise to make ourselves available after the launch of their design project to assist with additional quantity, updates and reorder needs.


Our Clients are as varied as the design projects they envision. For that reason we work with each of our Clients as if they were our first. We begin the design process with a blank work space instead of a template because we understand our Clients desire a design product that meets their unique requirements and vision. 


Our expanding Community is the reason for our continued success. We are Coaches, Board Members, Parents and Members of Church Congregations making every effort to give back by remaining active in our community. We also make it a priority to assist those in need with our design products whenever possible. 


Our feeling is that there will always be individuals needing the services of organizations that offer a quality product at a fair price and operate with honesty and integrity. We respect our Competitors that share this same philosophy and strive to support their efforts whenever we have an opportunity to. Having more than one option to meet our needs as a consumer is what makes our community and Country great!